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This channel is for exclusive use of Eletrobras holding, Chesf, Eletronorte, CGT Eletrosul, Furnas, Cepel, Eletropar and Distributors in Amazonas, Piauí and Rondônia for secure and, if desired, anonymous communication of conduct considered unethical or that violates ethical principles and standards of conduct and / or current legislation.

The information herein registered will be received by an independent and specialized company, which ensures absolute confidentiality and the appropriate treatment of each situation by Eletrobras, without conflicts of interest..

If you wish, your report can also be made by 0800 721 9885, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Due to the privatization of Eletrobras, the succession of Eletrobras was formalized by ENBPAR with regard to Itaipu Binacional, so to register your complaint, please contact the respective Ombudsman.

Common Questions

Our Whistleblowing Channel is a communication tool where you can safely and, if wish, anonymously report any action by employees, suppliers and service providers that violates the Code of Conduct of Eletrobras Companies and / or the Anticorruption Program of Eletrobras Companies, or the legislation in force in Brazil.

The service is available to employees, trainees, young apprentices, service providers, contractors, suppliers and all people (society in general) who wish to report a complaint or misconduct identified within Eletrobras

  • Behavioral deviations
  • Sexual and moral harassment
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Favoring to third parties or suppliers
  • Misuse of business assets
  • Non-compliance with internal norms and policies
  • Robbery, fraud, theft or diversion of company’s materials and goods
  • Irregularities in bidding or contract management
  • Corruption and / or fraud of any kind
  • Violation of Brazilian legislation
  • Use or trafficking of prohibited substances
  • Violation of the Code of Conduct
The Code of Ethics and Conduct is the document that directs what is expected from each employee (employee, trainee, contractor, service provider) and the people who are related to Eletrobras. Situations that contradicts what is described in the Code must be reported.

The benefit of the Whistleblowing Channel is to provide means of communication for reporting irregularities and complaints without persecution or reprisals, since all information is kept confidential.

It is not necessary to provide personal information. The complaint may be anonymous. However, the more information about the fact the complainant provides, the better the direction for investigation and possible accountability of offenders. The complainant’s identity secrecy is guaranteed by contracted company and by Eletrobras General-Ombudsman Office.

The deadline for the registered complaint to be verified and indicated any liability is up to 60 calendar days, depending on the content and complexity of each complaint. The complainant will always be informed, in the end, about the conclusion of the complaint, in addition to receiving intermediate information about the treatment. Besides, the complainant may also monitor the progress of his complaint through the individual protocol and password informed at the moment of registering the complaint.

Privacy Notice

By registering a report on this Confidential Complaints Channel (via website or toll free phone), you may provide us personal data (information that identifies or may lead to the identification of a natural person) and sensitive personal data (racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership, or religious, philosophical or political organization, health or sexual life data, genetic or biometric data) about you; Protester, denounced or third party mentioned in the report.

This Privacy Notice it is intended to clarify how DELOITTE treats your personal data and sensitive personal data (collectively referred to herein only as personal data) when you contact us to use the services of the Confidential Complaints Channel or when you are targeted or mentioned in a report.

All personal data collected in this Confidential Complaints Channel will be treated by DELOITTE in accordance with the provisions of the General Law on Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 13,709/2018 – "LGPD") and relevant regulations.

For more details on the measures we apply in the treatment of personal data, please visit DELOITTE's Privacy Policy via the link

1. What types of personal data are collected?

Will be collected only the personal data provided voluntarily by the Protester through the registration of the report in this Confidential Complaints Channel - via website or toll-free phone.

Any personal data informed in the report that is considered excessive, unnecessary or that has no relevance to the investigation of what happened will be disregarded and will only be stored for the purpose of maintaining the entirety of the original text contained in the report, for the period necessary to achieve the processing purposes.


The personal data of the Protester will be collected according to the identification profile chosen, and may include name, gender (statistical purposes), position, area, e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, type of audience and voice recording (reports via toll free phone).

In addition, any other personal data contained in the report and files attached by the Protester may be collected, which may include images, voice recordings and other types of personal data.

Denounced and third parties

The following personal data may be collected of the accused and third parties from a report voluntarily registered by the Protester:

i) first name, surname, position and workplace;
ii) description of suspected violation of the Company's Code of Ethics, policies, and/or applicable law and regulations, including all relevant facts and details;
iii) any other personal data that may be mentioned by the Protester during the description of the event, which may include images, voice recordings and other types of personal data.

This Confidential Complaints Channel is not designed or intentionally targeted to collect personal data from children and adolescents. However, in any situations where the collection of these types of personal data is necessary in the context of receipt and investigation of a report, the treatment will take place in the best interests of the child and / or adolescent and all provisions of the LGPD and pertinent regulations will be respected.

2. What is the purpose of collecting personal data?


The processing of personal data aims to allow the identification and contact between DELOITTE and /or the COMPANY and the Protester to clarify doubts, collect additional information and progress of the investigations, respecting, in any case, the identification profile chosen by the Protester (identified, confidential or anonymous). In addition, this data may be processed for the purposes of compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, regular exercise of rights and statistical analysis (in an anonymized manner).

Denounced and third parties

The collection of this personal data is intended to verify the facts reported and take appropriate action, in accordance with applicable legislation. Such investigation will be carried out by the COMPANY, and DELOITTE is merely an intermediary, responsible only for the sharing of personal data and reports registered in this Confidential Complaints Channel. In addition, this data may be processed for the purposes of compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, regular exercise of rights and statistical analysis (in an anonymized manner).

3. What is the legal basis that justifies the processing of personal data?

All personal data collected will be processed based on the COMPANY's legitimate interests and sensitive personal data based on regular exercise of rights, since both treatments, in the context and scope of the services provided by DELOITTE, aim to assist the COMPANY in the investigation, prevention and mitigation of behaviors and misconduct that violate the COMPANY's Code of Conduct, internal policies, laws and regulations.

It is also possible that the processing of personal data and sensitive personal data occurs to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, depending on the alleged misconduct practiced.

4. With whom do we share the personal data collected?

The personal data of the Protester, denounced and third parties may be shared with:

i) The COMPANY, for the purposes of knowledge and investigation of the content of the report, always respecting the identification profile of the Protester;
ii) Authorities, Agencies and Government Entities, to comply with legal or regulatory obligations and regular exercise of rights;
iii) Technology companies that manage the integrated systems or responsible for the storage and guarantee of security in the processing of the personal data collected; and
iv) Third-party companies that will replace DELOITTE in the provision of Confidential Complaints Channel services to the COMPANY.

For more details on the shares described above, please contact the DELOITTE Clerk /DPO (Data Protection Officer) via the link Contact us.

5. How long is personal data stored?

Personal data will be kept only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this document or as necessary to comply with legal or regulatory obligations and regular exercise of rights. When personal data is no longer necessary or relevant to the intended purposes, its erasure will be provided.

For statistical purposes, personal data will remain stored in an anonymized manner.

6. What are the rights relating to personal data?

According to the LGPD, the owners have several rights over their personal data, among them: confirmation of processing, access to personal data, updating and correction of incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate personal data; anonymisation, blocking and deletion of personal data that are unnecessary, excessive or non compliance with LGPD; opposition to the processing of personal data, when we no longer have a legitimate or legal need to process it; information on the sharing of personal data with public and private entities.

These rights are not absolute and should be interpreted in the light of legislation and other regulations. Thus, DELOITTE will evaluate legal claims individually in order to maintain the confidential nature of the Confidential Complaints Channel and not compromise the progress of investigations that may be ongoing with the COMPANY.

It is noteworthy that when the Protester chooses not to identify himself when recording the report, DELOITTE will not be able to guarantee access to the rights provided for in the LGPD since it will not have access to the identification data of the owner.

If you would like to access any of your rights provided for in the LGPD for free, please contact deloitte's DPO through the link Contact us.

7. Security

DELOITTE adopt technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of improper or unlawful treatment.

In addition, access to personal data is restricted only to DELOITTE professionals who need to access it to develop activities related to the treatment of the report.

Whenever possible and applicable, anonymization and encryption techniques will be adopted for the security of personal data.

8. Alterations

This document may be changed without the need of prior notice, such as in cases of change in legislation or any decision or guidance of the National Personal Data Protection Authority ("ANPD"). The Protester may periodically review the altered content to have access to such modifications.